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Elmore Patterson

Business & Entrepreneurship

Located in Montgomery, Alabama, Elmore Patterson is a distinguished leader in the realms of health care administration, program development, and quality assurance.

With nearly two decades of experience to his name, Elmore went through a season of tremendous growth at the outset of his career, having joined the United States Army Medical Department shortly after completing his academic career. 

Equipped with a passion for learning and an insatiably inquisitive nature, Elmore Patterson earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Marketing Management from Savannah State University in 2000, and his Master of Health Service Administration from Armstrong Atlantic State University in 2003. When Elmore chose to launch his career with the United States Army, he did so with the knowledge that taking this path would enable him to help people on a larger scale than he ever could have alone. 

After serving diligently as a First Lieutenant and Health Services Material Officer, Elmore Patterson moved up the ranks, first becoming a Captain and Health Services Personnel Officer, then a Major, as well as the Army Medical Recruiting Station Officer in Charge. After spending a total of seven years in — and lending his dynamic and ever-growing skill set to — the United States Army, Elmore knew it was time to retire and seek other opportunities in 2010. 

As a result, he relocated to Georgia, where he assumed the role of Director of Facilities and Operations of Adventist Health Care System. During his time in this capacity, Elmore Patterson utilized his abundant industry knowledge to adequately complete electronic Joint Commission FSA annually, oversee the encoding of patients’ progress reports, lead required patient registration reporting and analysis, and much more. 

Elmore’s tenure in the Adventist Health Care System came to a natural close in 2013 when he shifted his focus, joining the Greene County Health System as their Nursing Home Administrator. During his day-to-day, Elmore Patterson supervised and cultivated a multidisciplinary team in order to further diversify the establishment’s services, improve patient quality of care, and enhance the overall quality of life for all residents. 

Due to Elmore’s effective, efficient, and passionate displays of his expertise, he was entrusted with the role of Chief Executive Officer of Greene County Health System in addition to his existing responsibilities as Nursing Home Administrator. This shift provided Elmore Patterson with the unique ability to make impactful, sweeping changes across the organization, such as developing a quality improvement committee to tackle larger-scale improvement efforts, process growth, and oversee general quality assurance. Furthermore, he took a hands-on approach to collaborating with medical staff to ensure accurate and timely documentation, measurement, and case management, which resulted in a positive, quantifiable increase in the establishment’s ratings.

Previously, Elmore served as the Executive Director of Diversicare of Montgomery, a 138-bed skilled nursing facility that diligently serves the people of Central Alabama. In this role, Elmore was tasked with balancing quality assurance efforts on an administrative level, flourishing the daily resident census, developing the facility’s overall ranking, collaborating with physicians and others to assure optimal patient care, and much more. After stepping into this capacity in 2017, Elmore Patterson proved himself to be a trusted leader, especially as it relates to process improvement, program development, departmental leadership, intervention implementation, budget and cost management, and a myriad of other skills he has developed throughout his career.

On this website, Elmore Patterson will share insights into the business side of healthcare, as well as related topics. To learn more, be sure to visit his blog page frequently.

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