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It takes a lot to convince someone to come to work for you every day. Working hours can be long, conditions can be hard, progress can be slow, and the results can be less than ideal. It can be all too easy to slip into a feeling of discouragement and ennui. When that happens on a company-wide scale, the company usually doesn’t live to tell the tale.

That’s what makes it so important to be able to sell your business vision to both employees and potential investors alike. It is one thing to feel as if you are a small cog; it’s quite another to feel as though that cog is part of a greater whole. That is the impact of a good business vision.

Give People a Reason “Why”

No one goes to work every day just to forward memos or type emails all day. People want to know that their jobs have a purpose. Make sure that that every job in your company has a clearly defined sense of purpose. As per our earlier example, make sure that everyone feels that the answer to that question of “why” he or she works has to do with contributing to something greater that you collectively define.

Know Your Customers

One potential reason “why” might be because serving customers helps society. If you work in healthcare, education, or other sectors directly tied to the betterment of people’s lives in a tangible, less immediately commercial manner, that sentiment of “giving back” and “helping people” can be a powerful answer to that question of “why” your employees should work for you.

Have Concrete and Philosophical Goals

Make sure that those reasons “why” are concrete, tangible, realistic, and understandable. These shouldn’t just sales goals or growth quotas. Help clients understand that you’re striving to establish new technological and social goals. Ultimately, your goals should be a fusion of economic savvy with a genuine interest in improving your sector as well as the lives and livelihood of customers and, of course, your employees as well.

With the right vision, your employees will be more motivated than ever to work for something that they truly believe in.