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Giving your employees feedback is incredibly important when you want them to grow into their roles. You need to be able to help guide them down the right path, but giving feedback isn’t always easy. Some employees won’t respond well to negative feedback, and you should consider learning how to provide feedback positively. Take a look at the tips below to learn how to give positive feedback to your employees and others that you might be doing business with. 

Make Use of Compliments

Receiving a compliment can have a very positive impact on an individual. Compliments have the potential to improve the morale of your employees, and they could even make them more productive. An employee is going to work harder when they know that their work is being appreciated. Be sure to acknowledge your employees when they’re doing a great job and they will certainly appreciate it. 

Try to Be Very Specific

Vague praise isn’t going to be very useful to your employees. You should always try to be as specific as possible so that they can understand what they did right. Point out particular instances where things went perfectly and praise your employees using those examples. Let them know that you want to see more of that and thank them for their hard work. 

Avoid Mixing Criticism with Positive Feedback

Some people try to mix small criticisms in with positive feedback. Pay attention to the positive things and try to focus more on those. Your criticism could wind up erasing any gains that you made with your positive feedback if you aren’t careful. Let the positive remarks that you make speak for themselves and save outright criticism for a separate conversation. 

Praise Employees Publicly

If you are happy with the performance of an employee, then you don’t have to keep your positive feedback to yourself. Don’t be afraid to praise an employee in front of others. It will make the employee feel good and can be a great confidence-boosting tactic. 

Written Feedback Can Be a Nice Touch

Your employees might also appreciate receiving written feedback that they can read over. Taking the time to hand write a note to someone gives it a very personal feeling in today’s mostly digital work environment. Thanking your employees with positive feedback in this fashion is going to be a good tool to use when it is appropriate.