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One of the great truisms of the NFL is that the teams that draft well tend to do well. It is rare that you see a team built mostly of cast-offs and free agent signings go far. Success starts from the top-down and the bottom-up, with the executives drafting the right players and coaches training these new hires to meet their potential.

The same holds true for the workforce. It is one thing to be able to locate and recruit quality talent with your HR department, but it’s quite another to make sure they are properly trained. You don’t want to let all that talent go to waste. Here are three key benefits to making sure your employee training programs are up to snuff.

  1. Helping Them Become More Productive More Quickly

One key for NFL teams drafting players is to make them into “impact players” as soon as possible. Drafting a new star QB is one thing, but they won’t do much good holding clipboards on the sidelines forever. In the past, newly-drafted QBs would spend their first year or two doing just that while learning the ropes. Now they’re expected to learn on the fly, and new trainees in the workforce are the same.

That said, QBs who are immediately swamped with little to no help often drown under the pressure, and new hires are the same. Hiring training programs help new employees get trained and become productive without throwing them right into the deep end with little to no support.

  1. Make Them Stay Longer

Employee burnout is a real problem across the workforce. A workforce with a high turnover rate isn’t one which is likely destined for success. Training employees can help ensure they have the tools they need to succeed while feeling more welcome in the workplace – both of which can compel them to stay long term.

  1. Long-Term Profits

Trained workers are productive workers, and productive workers are profitable workers. Having a team of productive, long-term, well-trained employees is always a recipe for success and increasing profits.

Take the time to give employees the training they need, and you’re likely to see the success you envision follow.