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Our veterans deserve all the respect in the world – and, frankly, more than they’re currently getting. These are the men and women who put their lives at risk in the service of our lives, our country, and the values we hold dear. These are the people who stand for our best. These are the kind of devoted workers that every hiring manager should dream of receiving.

So, why do far too few hiring managers hire veterans, and what benefits are we overlooking in doing so?

Different Resume

It cannot be denied that soldiers live a different life from the rest of us, and that extends to the hiring sector. Most of us don’t have to put down being deployed to the Middle East or Asia on years-long deployments in military base or active combat duty as part of our resume. On the one hand, that speaks to just how brave and committed men and women of our Armed Forces are. On the other hand, it also leads to difficulties when it comes time to apply for work in civilian life.

Veterans have a different resume. Far too often, HR managers fear that difference, when, in fact, they should embrace it. Diversity in the workplace works, and bringing the unique values and insights of veterans into your company can be a huge bonus.

Forgetting the Human Factor

Military service isn’t just about defending the flag, but the people and values for which it stands. Likewise, a company shouldn’t just be about making money, but serving clients. Veterans understand that concept of service better than anyone. What’s more, many of them have held leadership under conditions which the rest of us cannot even begin to imagine. Thinking yourself “under fire” to meet a noon deadline is nothing compared to actual leadership under fire.

Veterans can, thus, make for some of the most dedicated workers and compassionate, focused leaders your company could ever ask for.

Veterans can serve your company well, and your company would be well-served to give back to those who have already given so much.